For Students

Our unique interactive software is far and away the quickest, most enjoyable way to get a great grade in that basic accounting course you're taking. It is accessed online so you can use it 24/7, whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. Features include:

  • Well over 1,000 questions of all types (true/false, multiple choice and problems), complete with answers and full explanations.
  • A complete study guide written in clear simple language.
  • Each question is instantly referenced to the topic in the study guide
  • Each question has a "second chance" backup question just like it to check if you've really learned the material.
  • Complete simulated exams designed to be just like the ones you'll take in class. These exams are graded and timed.
  • A powerful "Search" feature to find any topic super fast.
  • It is coordinated with all the standard basic accounting text books.


Experience the Martin Method first hand. The Demo version allows you to explore the full functionality of the program for the first two units of Financial Accounting 1.


Professor Barry Martin explains the Martin Method advantage. (Running time: 2 minutes 30 seconds)


“The Martin Method was a tremendous help in not only passing, but getting an "A" in my basic accounting course. I can't imagine having done without it. Easily worth the money.”

- Anna M., City University of New York

“Great product! Definitely worth the money. Concentrated my study and got me a great grade.”

- Jordan Mintzer, New York University


“Thanks Martin Method for explaining things concisely and clearly. You are the best bargain in education today! It would be stupid NOT to use the program.”

- Chunu Chang, College of Staten Island